Demonstration against medically assisted procreation for all women, surrogate motherhood and the bioethics law that the French government is planning on passing. Paris, 10th of october 2020
Total workers gather in front of company headquarters to protest against the shutdown of the Grandpuits refinery. Paris, 6th of october 2020
Paris faces new restrictions as coronavirus cases continue to rise in the region. Paris, 4th of october 2020
Demonstration to defend women's right to abortion. Paris, 26th of september 2020
Youth For Climate activists occupy a street in central Paris to raise awareness about climate change. Paris, 26th of september 2020
Joint demonstration by several unions to protest against the social and economic policies of the government. Paris, 17th of september 2020
The Yellow Vests movement gathers in several cities in France to protest for the first time since the lockdown. Paris, 12th of september 2020
Black Lives Matter protest in Trieste. Trieste, 20th of June 2020.
Borders between Slovenia and Italy are completely opened as the number of coronavirus cases in the two countries continues to descend. Gorizia, 15th of june 2020
Dockers from the port of Trieste gather to express support for their president, Zeno D'Agostino, after his removal from his post by the Italian anti-corruption authority. Trieste, 13th of june 2020
Bars are allowed to reopen in Italy as the country continues to lift coronavirus lockdown measures. Trieste, 18th of may 2020
People wearing surgical masks walk near the seaside as coronavirus lockdown measures are partially lifted in Italy. Trieste, 4th of may 2020
Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte delivers a televised address explaining the government's plan to gradually reopen the country as the coronavirus pandemic loses strength. Trieste, 26th of april 2020
Easter celebrations take place in an empty Cathedral of San Giusto due to the coronavirus lockdown. Trieste, 11th of april 2020
A Red Cross worker stands in a tent for pre-triage of potential coronavirus patients in front of the main hospital in Trieste. Trieste, 3rd of april 2020
The façade of the Trieste city hall lights up with the colors of the Italian flag during the coronavirus lockdown in Italy. Trieste, 2nd of april 2020
Volunteers of the Civil Protection corps (Protezione Civile) go door to door to distribute free protective face masks. Trieste, 30th of march 2020
A professor holds an online lesson from his office during the coronavirus lockdown. Trieste, 12th of march 2020
A traveler wearing a surgical protective mask waits in front of Treviso airport, near Venice, during the coronavirus outbreak in Northern Italy. Treviso, 4th of march 2020
Commemoration of the National Memorial Day of the Exiles and the Foibe. Basovizza (TS), 10th of february 2020.
Zvončari (bellmen) conclude the perfomance of "Opera Industriale" on the opening night of Rijeka European Capital of Culture 2020. Rijeka (Croatia), 1st of february 2020.
Commemoration of the International Holocaust Memorial Day in Risiera di San Sabba. Trieste, 27th of january 2020
Gathering to mark the fouth anniversary of the disappearance and murder of Italian researcher Giulio Regeni. Fiumicello (UD), 25th of january 2020
Students take part in a "Fridays for Future" march to demand action against climate change. Rome, 29th of november 2019
Firefighters protest in front of the Italian Chamber of Deputies to demand better pay and better pensions, one week after the death of three colleagues in an explosion in northern Italy. Rome, 15th of November 2019
Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte and German Chancellor Angela Merkel hold a joint press conference during the Chancellor's visit to Italy. Rome, 11th of november 2019
Giuseppe Conte (top), Nicola Zingaretti (center), Luigi di Maio (right) and Roberto Speranza (left) at a rally organized by PD, M5S and LeU before the regional elections in Umbria. Narni, 25th of october 2019
Matteo Salvini (right), Giorgia Meloni (center) and Silvio Berlusconi (left) on stage during a rally organized by the Lega to protest against the policies of the current Italian government. Rome 19th of october 2019
Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte meets with United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. Rome 1st of october 2019
Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte during a press conference with Italian Minister for Economics Roberto Gualtieri (not in picture) called to present the guidelines for Italy's 2020 budget. Rome 30th of september 2019
Students protest during the "Fridays for future" march in Rome to demand government action against climate change. Rome 27th of september 2019
Barley harvest begins for the production of Peroni beer. Rome 25th of june 2019
The President of the Italian Republic Sergio Mattarella, Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte and the President of Confcooperative Maurizio Gardini at the celebration for the 100 years of the Confederation of Italian Cooperatives. Rome, 14th of may 2019
Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, Minister for Environment Sergio Costa, Minister for Agriculture Gian Marco Centinaio and Minister for the South Barbara Lezzi present plan to protect Italy from natural disasters. Rome, 27th of february 2019
Representatives of farmer's unions, mayors and oil producers gather to ask for the government's help to face the xylella infection, that is destroying olive trees in the South of Italy. Rome, 14th of february 2019
People gather on the third anniversary of the disappearance and murder in Cairo of italian researcher Giulio Regeni. Rome, 25th of january 2019
Women's March 2019 in Rome. Rome, 19th of january 2019
Celebrations on the day of St. Anthony, protector of animals. Rome, 17th of january 2019
Santa Claus bike ride through the center of Rome. Rome, 16th of december 2018
The leader of La Lega, Matteo Salvini, holds a rally in Piazza del Popolo. Rome, 8th of december 2018
Demonstration against male violence on women. Rome, 24th of november 2018
Mayor of Riace Mimmo Lucano takes part in a demonstration against the government's immigration policies. Rome, 10th of november 2018
COBAS demonstration against the policies of the government. Rome, 27th of october 2018
Pablo Echaurren performing at Macro museum. Rome, 3rd of october 2018
Lunar eclipse near the Colosseum. Rome, 27th of june 2018
Roma Pride parade. Rome, 9th of june 2018
Thunderstorm over Rome. Rome, 8th of june 2018
Italian Labor and Economic Development minister Luigi di Maio at a Five Star Movement meeting to celebrate the formation of Italy's new government . Rome, 2nd of june 2018
Anti abortion "March for Life". Rome, 19th of may 2018
Demonstration against the movement to Jerusalem of the US embassy in Israel. Rome, 12th of may 2018
Gathering in memory of Alfie Evans. Rome, 12th of may 2018.
Gathering in support of the ship of the NGO Proactiva Open Arms, accused of favouring illegal immigration. Rome, 24th march 2018.
Anti-racist and anti-fascist demonstration in response to the shooting of immigrants by extremist Luca Traini. Macerata 10th february 2018.
Asia Argento at the Women's March 2018. Rome 20th january 2018.
"Fight for Right" demonstration, in support of rights of migrants, refugees and disadvantaged people. Rome 16th december 2017.
Forza Nuova march. Rome 4th november 2017.
Anti-immigration march. Rome 14th october 2017.
Recycled boat race. Rome 17th september 2017.
Gay Pride parade. Rome 10th june 2017.
A banner against Donald Trump is displayed on Sant'Angelo bridge during the President's visit to Rome. Rome 23rd may 2017.
Parade for the commemoration of italian Liberation. Rome 25th april 2017.
Historical parade for the celebration of the 2770th anniversary of the founding of Rome. Rome 23rd april 2017.
March for Science on Earth Day. Rome 22nd april 2017.
Gathering in support of Gabriele del Grande, italian journalist detained in Turkey. Rome 22nd april 2017.
Rome marathon, under bad weather conditions. Rome, 2nd april 2017.
"Euro Stop" demonstration, to protest against the European Union on the anniversary of the signing of the treaties of Rome. Rome, 25th march 2017.
Participants of the "March for Europe", to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the treaties of Rome. Rome, 25th march 2017.
The Other Side of the Ink, female tattoo artist convention. Rome, 11th march 2017
Demonstration for the International Women's Day. Rome, 8th march 2017.
Farmers protest against delays in state aid for reconstruction after the earthquakes that hit Italy. Rome, 7th march 2017.
Street sellers protest against the approval of the Bolkestein directive. Rome, 21th february 2017.
Celebrations for the chinese New Year. Rome, 28th january 2017.
Gathering in memory of Giulio Regeni, one year after his murder in Cairo. Rome, 25th january 2017.
Almaviva and Telecom workers protest after having been laid off by their companies. Rome, 21st january 2017.
Women's March after Trump inauguration day. Rome, 21st january 2017.
Water in fountains freezes as temperatures suddenly drop in central and southern Italy. Rome, 7th january 2017.
Parade in celebration of the Epiphany along via della Conciliazione. Rome, 6th january 2017.
People gather to demonstrate in support of rigths for migrants and refugees. Rome, 17th december 2016.
People in the streets celebrate the NO victory in the constitutional referendum. Rome, 4th december 2016.
The Prime Minister Matteo Renzi leaves with his wife Agnese after conceding his defeat in the constitutional referendum. Rome, 4th december 2016.
People demonstrating in favour of a NO vote to the constitutional referendum of the 4th of december. Rome, 27th november 2016.
The mayor of Rome Virginia Raggi at a demonstration in favour of a NO vote to the consitutional referendum of the 4th of december. Rome, 26th november 2016.
The leader of the Five Star Movement Beppe Grillo at a demonstration in favour of a NO vote to the consitutional referendum of the 4th of december. Rome, 26th november 2016.
The president of the Lazio region, Nicola Zingaretti, at a protest organized by the Italian farmers confederation Coldiretti to invoke greater safeguard for their products. Rome, 22nd november 2016.
People gather to express support for the Kurdish leader Ocalan and for the pro-minority People's Democratic Party of Turkey (HDP). Rome, 19th november 2016.
The minister for agriculture Maurizio Martina at the national assembly of italian farmers. Rome, 15th november 2016.
The minister for labour Giuliano Poletti at the national assembly of italian farmers. Rome, 15th november 2016.
Meeting by UIL syndicate to raise awareness on violence on women. Rome, 3rd november 2016.
Damage to the Basilica of San Paolo after the Norcia earthquake. Rome, 30th october 2016.
The Prime Minister Matteo Renzi at a meeting of the Democratic Party (PD) in Piazza del Popolo to promote a YES vote to the constitutional referendum. Rome, 29th october 2016.
Supporters of the Democratic Party (PD) at a meeting in Piazza del Popolo to promote a YES vote to the consitutional reform referendum. Rome, 29th october 2016.
General strike organized by the USB syndicate. Rome, 21st october 2016.
The Prime Minister Matteo Renzi at the celebrations for World Food Day in FAO. Rome, 14th october 2016.